Well, Hello There!

A Nathan Headshot


I’m Ansuya and welcome to my space in the inter-verse. This is where you will find things about me, made by me and done by me.

I act. I write. I act in things I write. Sometimes I direct too. But I have yet to do all three at once… I podcast weekly. I make a mean cup of tea. Oh, and I can sing like Elvis.

I live in Los Angeles – I know, riiiiiiight!?! I get restless if I don’t use my passport every six months. I love words. I think in images. The sea air calms my soul. Great stories excite it.

Last year, a short film I was in just premiered at the LA Film Festival and another one was screened at Outfest. I’m about to do my solo show Long Live The King in Los Angeles in March 2014.

Enough about me… Tell me about YOU!