Well, Hello There!

A Nathan Headshot

I’m Ansuya and welcome to my space in the inter-verse. This is where you will find things about me, made by me and done by me.

I act. I write. I act in things I write. Sometimes I direct too. But I have yet to do all three at once… I podcast weekly. I make a mean cup of tea. Oh, and I can sing like Elvis.

I live in Los Angeles – I know, riiiiiiight!?! I get restless if I don’t use my passport every six months. I love words. I think in images. The sea air calms my soul. Great stories excite it.

My Dear Americans, a short film I was in that premiered at the LA Film Festival last year is now part of the PBS Online Film Festival. Vote for it!  Please…

And here’s a short teaser trailer thingy I made with my more famous friends in Australia.

Enough about me… Tell me about YOU!