Another Aussie in LA


“When I arrived in LA, I was fortunate to stumble upon an incredibly talented and supportive community of fellow expats. I met up with friends (and then friends of friends) to learn how this crazy town operates, and realized the wealth of knowledge they shared with me would be of interest, and hopefully, inspiration, to others. And so Another Aussie in LA was born. In the three years of its existence, the calibre of my guests continued to grow. Some were friends, some were acquaintances and some were total strangers, but all are LA dwelling Aussies with something to say to listeners on both sides of the Pacific. And while I no longer make episodes for your aural pleasure, there are 138 excellent interviews to dispel the myths, give you insight or remind you why you came to Los Angeles in the first place!”

Join Ansuya Nathan as she navigates the city of Angels, chatting to some of the shiniest Aussies in L.A., sharing their tales of living, working and playing in this crazy town. 

Another Aussie in LA is an entertainment podcast hosted by Australian actress, writer and director Ansuya Nathan. Launched with an interview with acclaimed comedian Wil Anderson (Gruen Transfer, Gruen Planet, Wilarious) on Australia Day 2013, the podcast shares the tales of talented Aussie artists living, working and playing in the City of Angels.

In May 2014, Australians in Film welcomed Ansuya into the AiF family – making Another Aussie in LA the official podcast of Australians in Film!

Previous guests include Tim Minchin (Matilda: the musical), Stuart Beattie (Collateral, I Frankenstein), Caroline Craig (Blue Heelers, Underbelly), Matt Le Nevez (Offspring, Howzat!), Josh Lawson (House of Lies, Any Questions for Ben?), Daniel MacPherson (Dancing with the Stars, Wild Boys), Bojana Novakovic (Edge of Darkness, US remake of Rake) and Zoe Ventoura (Packed to the Rafters, Wildboys).

You can listen to the entire catalog on iTunes here or stream all the episodes from the Australians in Film website.


P.S. I got to interview Ewan MacGregor and Julius Avery for the Los Angeles premiere of SON OF A GUN for Australians in Film!