The Art of Keeping It Casual

“Why buy the bull, when you can get the horn for free?”

SHE – a late twenty-something (OK! Early 30s….) commitment phobe – goes home with HIM one of the good guys. It is supposed to be a random one-off hook up. But something about Him keeps Her coming back. This is not how it is supposed to work but if she can lay some ground rules, surely this ‘arrangement’ can keep going without anyone getting TOO attached… Right?

The Art Of Keeping It Casual is a sharply written and downright sexy web series in 9 bite-sized episodes over three seasons.


Watch the official trailer here or play the The Art of Keeping It Casual  – Choose Her Own Adventure game on You Tube.

The Art of Keeping It Casual speaks to a new generation of sexually empowered women.  Think a slightly more grown up version HBO’S GIRLS – a little older and self possessed, sure, but still saying and doing the wrong thing when it comes to love, sex and relationships!